MoodMaster aims to provide a fun, upbeat approach to working on your emotional wellbeing. Come for yourself, or come for someone else, either way you will learn a number of simple, straightforward techniques that will help you to deal better with situations that cause you worry and stress or bring your mood down.


In its simplest form MoodMaster aims to be for your emotional health, what Weight Watchers is for your weight!


Sessions are held with small supportive groups and spaces are limited to 12 so booking is essential. Your group leader will introduce different topics each week which may include:


• Problem solving

• Perfecting your life commentary

• Getting a good night’s sleep


How much is this course?

This course is FREE. It doesn’t matter if you can only attend 1 session or all 12 as each will be a valuable experience. Of course the more you attend the more you will gain from MoodMaster.

  • What happens in a MoodMaster session?

    When you attend a MoodMaster session, you can expect anything from two to twelve other people to be there. The session will start off with the group leader introducing everybody and then inviting you to rate how you have been over the last week, out of ten. The group leader then collects those scores, keeping them confidential.


    You then get the chance to privately review your week, examining anything that has gone wrong and seeing if there is anything you could do to prevent that happening in future. Importantly, you also look at what has gone RIGHT, and examine how you can have that happen more often! The group leader will invite you to share anything you have thought, but you don’t have to.


    Then you move on to the section where the group leaders presents a prepared topic (e.g. how to plan a rewarding life; or how to get a good night’s sleep; or how to maintain healthy relationships; or how to straighten out your thinking). The group leader leaves you with a prepared sheet on the topic in question, and a project to do during the next week.


  • How many MoodMaster sessions can I attend?

    You can attend as many or as few as you want.  The course runs for 12 sessions, however you can come as often or as little as you need.


  • How often do sessions take place?

    Moodmaster is on every week -

    • Monday  - 6.30pm
    • Wednesday -1.00pm
    • Wednesday - 6.30pm


    You are welcome at either session - give us a ring so we can expect you!

  • Am I entitled to attend the sessions?

    People who attend MoodMaster sessions do so for a variety of reasons. Some come because they are distressed in some way, and want to learn how to overcome that distress, but many also come because they simply want to learn about themselves and how to live at their peak performance.


    Whatever the reason anyone is welcome to attend and there is no charge or other restriction on you attending.

We would love to see you there!

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