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In central Kidderminster lies many disused carpet factories, a sad passing of an industrial age. Some have been reinvented. Simply Limitless Wellbeing centre a charity which aims to serve it’s local community, operates out of one of these Victorian factories. The charity has worked tirelessly to renovate the large area bit by bit. Within its walls lies an old factory yard that was abandoned for many years.

Following a successful bid from Greggs Foundations Environmental Grant an idea to create a beautiful organic vegetable garden was born.  Over a year the area was cut back and cleared all by the kind volunteers of the charity - no mean feat in such an enclosed space!


Since then we have redeveloped a second area of our garden to create a wonderful sensory space, which we opened in September 2019.


Simply Limitless

A Wellbeing Centre for the Wyre Forest


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Simply Limitless

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