The Megafitness Partnership

You care for the spiritual wellbeing of your community - but what about the physical?

Megafitness helps you and your church bring people together in a fun friendly manner that promotes positive healthy lifestyles.


Megafitness was birthed out of the idea that a church is not just a once per week place but a centre for the community and its lifestyle.   We believe that God truly cares about the whole person, the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical nature of each of us.


  • Case Study - Transform Community Resource Centre, Manchester

    The Transform Community Resource Centre in Manchester has recently become a Megafitness Partner, read about their journey below:

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    Why did you choose Megafitness as a project?

    We chose Megafitness as a project because we are keen to promote healthy living to our local community and congregation members. Conversations with local residents and church members revealed that not many people could make time to go to the gym on a regular basis because of the membership cost and other factors. However, many people would chance on keeping healthy in a community-based setting where they could interact with new people and make friends. As a church we are passionate about fulfilling 1 Timothy 4:8.ᅠ(For physical training is of some value...)


    How did you find the two days training?

    The training was fantastic! It was a real eye opener; being taught how simple activities and body movement make a massive difference to the physical and emotional wellbeing of people. Hearing stories during interaction with people attending the sessions in Kidderminster was very encouraging and moving. Participants were really pleased we had travelled from Manchester to train for the benefit of a community wider afield.


    You are currently teaching 5 minute taster sessions in your foodbank - how are they being received?

    The taster sessions have been well received and the feedback has been great! We have had firm expression of interest and people can't wait for the full sessions to commence. Foodbank beneficiaries are getting more than just food.


    How do you think your church will change as a result of the launch of Mega fitness?

    The Bishop and the Leadership are fully behind the project and preparations are underway for the launch event. The church members are being prepared for the launch event and looking forward to welcoming people just the way they are. We are so pleased to be in a good position to contribute to the health and wellbeing of our local community and congregation members. The launch will make the church more welcoming, bring more people together, break isolation and foster community resilience.


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